Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A table of her own...

So I packed up the "kids" and took them back home again and we're finally settling in. Though who knows for how long.

My mother let me take over the dining room table with all of my random crafts and things and it reminds me of Virginia Woolf, for even going without a space for a couple weeks while I settled in made me get a very particular kind of cranky.

All of you creative types know what I mean I'm sure...

Upon moving back home I finally got to know our neighbor's little girl Marta. She's about a year and a half old and as cute as they come. I had a number of my hats left over from the winter sale season and one of them was a little pink kid's hat. I decided she needed to have it. It's cotton but still seasonly inappropriate.. how cute to see her running around the back yard in it and her diaper.

Too Cute!

And last, but far from least! I am going to be sitting at the second storie} booth tomorrow at the grand re-opening of the South Wedge Farmer's Market!

I've made a bunch of little breast shaped sachets, and have plenty of knitted washcloths and head scarves. I also have my tea stained drawings and will have on hand some brand new tea stained greeting cards. That is assuming all goes well tonight... Wish me luck.

The market runs from 4-8 and is located at the corner of Clinton and Alexander behind Boulder Coffee. As it is the grand re-opening I understand there will be even more vendors. AND my favorite local band the Varnish Cooks will be playing just a few booths down from me! So please, come out say hi, get yourself some fresh veggies, groove to the tunes and support local growers, artists and musicians all in one shot!

Hope to see you there!

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