Sunday, June 15, 2008

purl bee

The Market last thursday was fantastic! My sincerest thanks to everyone who came out to say hello and extras to those of you who took home some of my little oddities. The reactions I get are always amusing. People often make reference to psych tests when looking at the tea stains and the breast sachets elicited a lot of laughter. When coming over people said they thought they were baby hats, acorns and also pin cushions. I could turn them into pin cushions if I made them from cloth- but sticking pins in them just seems so mean!

I have been continually getting requests to make male counterparts. Not a bad idea and certainly a pattern I could design. You guys tell me- would men buy sachets? And if so what scents? Cedar?

My craft blog virginity was showing a bit when a visitor to my booth told me about the Purl Bee blog and I was caught unawares. I checked into today and I am in love!

So many amazing projects, advice, tips.. Its hard to know where to start with everything. Will it be this amazing bag ...

Or these super cute little coasters? I don't know how to decide.

Now, that the sale is behind me I have time to get back to some of the nagging projects. It's get-it-together time.

I want to redo my website and finally open my own etsy shop. Neither are small projects. I think I'll be putting the etsy shop up first. I need to photograph everything but since the weather looks poor for the week it might take longer than I like. One lesson I've been picking up from my crafty friends is that photos look best when you use natural light. So we shall see...

If nothing else rainy weather makes for much knitting time. I absolutely have my work cut out for me. But that reveal will have to wait...

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shanna said...

purl bee is the best! and even better in person!
they're great to order from and super nice. a couple of my friends even have their patterns in the shop, so cool!

can't wait to see your shop all filled up. i stocked mine a bit today.

big hugs to you friend!