Sunday, October 18, 2009

Starting to Settle

It's taken some time but I'm finally getting settled in my new place. The cats really seem to love it, and have spent much time in the large living room windows surveying the new terrain. My landlord told me that MacKenzie would squeak (those who know her also know that she does not meow, she squeaks) at him when he was getting into his car in the morning. Such a little weirdo she is.

I just finished painting the living room two nights ago and am almost finished setting everything up. I think I need more art for my walls though! Now that they are a much lighter color the room seems so big and open. I'll have to get busy working on some new trades. The best part of being an artist is the trading with your friends!

The housewarming is next Saturday, I'll be sure to post more pictures then.

Stay warm friends!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Joetta Maue

I believe this post is LONG overdue.

I've been tracking a number of blogs for a long time and by and large my favorite is little yellow birds written by Joetta Maue. I look forward to her posts everyday. I refresh my blogger homepage over and over again until the posts appear, because everyday she offers info about some artist who is about to be added to my never-ending list of favorites, or speaks with candor and ease about the sometimes trying process that is the creative life.

I've had the honor of trying to curate her work into a project I'm currently shopping around. Her work is simply gorgeous and if you aren't familiar, you need to become familiar, now.

As for me, I've been busy trying to arrange and settle into this new space. I am truly loving it and will post pictures soon, I promise.

For now, I urge you to see more about Joetta here and here.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Information sessions for the NYFA MARK program I mentioned earlier. I highly recommend the program, its one of the best things I've ever done for myself- so do yourself the same favor and go to these information sessions and at least hear what they have to say.

Does the business and career side of your art practice need some attention?

Join us this October and November for free information sessions on MARK, the New York Foundation for the Arts’ (NYFA) statewide six-month program for visual artists.

MARK provides NY State artists with a unique opportunity for individualized focus on the professional side of their creative practice. MARK is designed to address the concerns of artists living outside of New York City while providing them with a new network statewide. Selected artists will participate in four seminars held at local partnering organizations across New York State. The MARK program culminates in June with an artists gathering.

Information Session Schedule and Location:

All information seminars are held at MARK10 regional partnering organizations. Attendance at an information session is not required to apply. If you have questions about the location closest to you, please contact NYFA. Please note that residents of the 5 boroughs of New York City are not eligible to apply and participate in MARK.

Capital Region
Monday, October 26, 6pm
The Arts Center of the Capital Region, Troy

Western New York Region
Tuesday, October 27, 7pm
Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center, Buffalo

Long Island Region
Wednesday, November 4, 5:30pm
East End Arts Council, Riverhead

Hudson Valley Region
Tuesday, November 10, 6pm
Women’s Studio Workshop, Rosendale

Central New York Region
Date will be posted on NYFA's website within the next week
Cultural Resources Council, Syracuse

MARK10 Application Deadline:
All applications are due in NYFA's office by Tuesday, December 1 at 5pm.

Further Information:
To see the curriculum, the MARK10 spring seminar schedule or for a MARK application, visit

Contact NYFA Learning at
Funding for NYFA MARK is made possible with generous support from the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation