Thursday, June 19, 2008

adam weekley

Adam Weekley is my best friend. We met back in grad school, and while I doubt he knows it his work has always been an inspiration to me. I am continually fascinated by his ability to twist reality- to take ideas that are so harsh and talk about them using materials that are seemingly benign.

As he puts it himself:
In many ways the work is about taking things deeply personal or visceral and imploding and exploding their potency by making art that is loud, seductive and full of artifice.”

Check out this video interview set in his studio as he prepared for his exhibition for last year's Beyond in Western NY.

I am currently trying to convince him to enter the craft world a bit- I see so much room for translation there. I'll talk him into yet...

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joAnn said...

lovely indeed. hey girlie - thanks so much for your words the other day. they were from your heart and they went straight to mine. why oh why do you have to be so far away?