Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tender Ardour

Apparently I've been too busy, or too lazy, or well, both -  to post images of my new apartment. So here's one from my friend Molly's blog Tender Ardour. This is a shot of the 'reading nook' in the front of the apartment. I promise to post more images soon..

And while you're over there at Tender Ardour, you really should check out her new cooking blog: My CSA Adventure. She joined a CSA this summer and has been cooking up some amazing results. I can personally vouch for the avocado and lime coleslaw, seen in the picture below. I'm thinking I need to make some myself...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Photos

I did accomplish one thing this summer. My good friend, Lukia Costello came by and helped me out by taking some gorgeous product shots of my work. I had a bunch of traditional product shots another friend had taken earlier in the year- but I wanted some less formal photographs too. Below are some examples of the photos, some of the previous shots, and my own images are added in as well.

Of course we also had to get a shot of MacKenzie in there too! She wandered around all during the shoot, and eventually was all worn out and went off to nap. Sunday was her birthday- she's 4 years old already! But still a kitten at heart...

I'll be posting some new listings on etsy soon. I'm also working on a collaboration with the lovely JoAnn of Vintage Refashioned. I'll get some info and photos of that up as soon as possible.

In the meantime I'll be running a photo contest soon! Do you own something by crude crafts? Take a photo of it in your home or office - the best photos will win deals in my etsy shop! So get snapping!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Where did my summer go?

Seriously. How can it be August already?

I had such grand plans, as I always do of what I would accomplish this summer. But moving into a new place that was undergoing some pretty major rehab and working on a web design project pretty much consumed most of my time.

So, some little moments from the summer so far.

Last weekend's CSS workshop at VSW in Rochester. 

 I managed to ruin my favorite table cloth with an ink stain, but managed to cover it and keep it useful by hiding the stain with a multitude of little stitches.

The first tomato finally makes its appearance!
I taught a workshop on yarnbombing as part  of Camp Create at the Burchfield - Penney Art Center. The camp last over the course of a couple of weeks and different artists come in and talk to the kids ages (6-10, roughly) about their practice and shows them how to make something new. We decided to cover an easel and the kids learned to make small woven pieces on a cardboard loom. The rest of the easel was wrapped with yarn. The kids really got into it, especially two of the boys- which made it a lot more fun. And look at their awesome results!

Photos of my new place will come soon, I promise. For now though, I have to get back to work!