Monday, June 2, 2008

June 5 : joAnn mcGranahan

Be sure to stop at the South Wedge this market to see the lovely JoAnn at the Second Storie Booth this thursday from 4-8pm.

Visit her new etsy site here: refashioned

From her bio:
everything old is new again... my passion is to create beautiful new objects from salvaged and reused materials. in doing so, I can pass along to others the beauty I see in forgotten or discarded things. the weave of a particular fabric. the wonderful lines of an old textbook graph. it's the small things such as these that bring me joy.


See you kids there!

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second storie said...

hey love! Thanks so much for the "shout-out!" I had no idea you posted this until tonight. How fitting that I am posting about you for the market as I stumble across this!

you're awesome!