Sunday, June 22, 2008

the plan

the plan was always to try to write in this everyday, to make a record of what i was thinking, what was inspiring me. but life often gets in the way of that and we feel compelled to close up and sit in the cave until we feel brave enough to come back out, patch up our walls and move on again. maybe put in a little table with chairs and invite people in for tea.

i try, but am terrible with this.

so today i thought i'd hide behind someone else, someone who is good at this, sabrina ward harrison. these words are not hers, but when i saw them today it occurred to me i knew someone else who would like them.



shanna said...

SWH is always such an inspiration. i bet j will love this.
don't worry about a plan, just pop in when it feels right. remember, it's your space. for you.

joAnn said...

you are one of the most thoughtful people i know, and because of that, your table is already out and i have pulled up my chair.

thanks for the invitation.

karen said...

you as you are now is a record enough sometimes.
it will be lovely to see you.

[.L.] said...

i just love guys.

it seems like the simplest most overused sentiment but it is so true nonetheless.

i am a lucky girl.