Monday, January 26, 2009

happy thoughts

From here on out I'm intend to make this a regular Sunday post. Fingers Crossed.

1. nam-myoho-renge-kyo
2. belly laughs
3. sitting by candlelight
4. a long bath
5. hot tea and oranges

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

When nothing but hope and faith could surivive...

I don't have the words for a day like today. My eyes teared up watching Obama and his family walk to the podium. Hearing the oath spoken and the crowds cheering was incredible. I think we all feel like we're living in a history book. I can't wait to see what happens next!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

off my feet

Well. I started out with good intentions.

But, the cold virus got me instead. I've been down for the count since Saturday. Feeling a bit better today though, which prompted me to get out of the house. Well, that and an unexpected paycheck from the college! Turns out we were all supposed to get a check last December 19th, except no one knew that, and they were mailed but the post office lost them. A welcome relief! Things were getting rather hairy. So I excitedly picked up my paycheck and headed to the bookstore to use a gift card from my Dad. I picked up the following:

I'm very excited about all of them- in particular the last. I want to start putting some concrete blocks under these lofty ideas of mine. I hope this will help. The sock creatures should make good use of my random old sock drawer and I see myself making many new creations for the house with the other two books.

I'm excited about my purchases. I wanted to get a book on DIY book making and publishing too- but I had already more than exceeded my gift card and the extra amount I had alloted myself for spending, so I had to say no. Maybe when the teaching checks start coming in or my tax return. We'll see.

And as promised... some happy things from the last week.

1. the feeling of easing into sleep
2. time to read
3. the way my cat sticks his tooth out when I scratch his chin
4. making plans with an old friend
5. hot cider with a little bit o' brandy

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


It's that time of year and everyone is making them, why not me too?

After a lot of thought it's occurred to me that what I want for 2009, is to just be happy. The crushing weight of debt, family illnesses, and unemployment overwhelmed me in 2008. I'd like to just call it a bad year and say "Of course I've been sad, look at all that's happened?"

The fact of the matter is that terrible and hard as they are, these things happen. Our task is to seek happiness anyway, in spite of these things. Naturally I believe in taking some time to process, deal and allow your feelings but letting them win isn't the answer.

When I was in college I kept as sort of "happiness list." Everyday I would make a list of 3 things to be happy about on that day. So, I'm going to try to make it my resolution to do that for this year. I will keep them in my journal and post them here at least once a week.

Perhaps if I can inspire my own happiness some I can deal with whatever 2009 is going to bring.

Here we go.