Thursday, December 4, 2008

Well, It's Over Now

The nights spent up until 4am have subsided, for now, as the Second Storie Indie Market is behind us. The loss of sleep and the travel to Rochester and back was of course more than worth it. The amount of incredible items and vendors was overwhelming, so much talent in one little room. Many thanks to freshly blended for taking some great photos (like the one above) so many of us found it hard to get out from behind our tables which made get images hard.

The event was a great experience as always and I was thrilled to see so many folks taking home my new creations. In particular the brand new etched glass pieces! I'm still struggling with pricing and presentation. I had them marked on the bottoms (who wants sticky stuff on the side of a vase?) but I think the fear of touching them kept most from picking them up on day one. I found myself telling people the prices- because I didn't have them priced to high and I wanted people to feel at ease to pick them up. The candle holders/cups went quickly which made more room and on day two I think people were more at ease not having to reach over anything to get them. I sold all but one vase which is just fine since I have to stock my etsy store, and prepare for the next sale!

Ok, sleep well tonight friends for tomorrow its back to battle!


second storie said...

lizz, i'm so glad you had a good show! how awful is it that we hardly had a chance to talk the whole weekend? i meant to tell you before i left on sunday that i would totally trade you something for one of your tea prints! we'll have to talk later... joAnn

jo said...
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