Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Where did my summer go?

Seriously. How can it be August already?

I had such grand plans, as I always do of what I would accomplish this summer. But moving into a new place that was undergoing some pretty major rehab and working on a web design project pretty much consumed most of my time.

So, some little moments from the summer so far.

Last weekend's CSS workshop at VSW in Rochester. 

 I managed to ruin my favorite table cloth with an ink stain, but managed to cover it and keep it useful by hiding the stain with a multitude of little stitches.

The first tomato finally makes its appearance!
I taught a workshop on yarnbombing as part  of Camp Create at the Burchfield - Penney Art Center. The camp last over the course of a couple of weeks and different artists come in and talk to the kids ages (6-10, roughly) about their practice and shows them how to make something new. We decided to cover an easel and the kids learned to make small woven pieces on a cardboard loom. The rest of the easel was wrapped with yarn. The kids really got into it, especially two of the boys- which made it a lot more fun. And look at their awesome results!

Photos of my new place will come soon, I promise. For now though, I have to get back to work!

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