Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Last Minute Holiday Marketplace

Last minute gift buying panic was last weekend at The Western New York Book Arts Center downtown. As per usual, it was an incredible event with a number of really amazing vendors including my dear friends Amy Greenan and Jan Nagle (Lily Pickford) seen below.

The best parts of these events is always, always the people. For example (I *think* it's safe to tell this story now) a very kind man and his wife stopped by my table and we got to chatting. While she went off shopping he came back to buy one of my hand-stitched heart cards to give her on their anniversary, which he stealthily hid inside a folded newspaper. He told me the cutest story about their getting married in a snow storm, I hope she loved the card and that they had a wonderful anniversary! (And more importantly that I didn't ruin the surprise....)

It also led to some really sweet write ups that I wanted to share. This one from Christa Penner and this one written by the Executive Director of Buffalo First for Buffalo Rising.

Now that the holidays are behind us I plan to first, take a deep breath and get a good night's sleep and then get to work! I'm going to do some more printing and I've got lots of newly felted sweaters to play with... So, more from me soon!

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