Thursday, November 4, 2010

Salt City Recap + Mass Appeal!

Wow, what a couple of weeks its been.

We just finished Midterms and my students are giving me those looks that seem to say "I may implode before the semester is over." I understand their plight, but try to gently remind them that its simply the facts of life- whether in school or not, this is how it will be, pretty much for life. So its best to learn to time manage right now.

Not that I'm always so good at that myself mind you. I tell them to do what I do. Make calendars, make lists and heed the advice of Anne Lamott - just take it "Bird by Bird."

Salt City Urban Market was awesome. The gals that run it are some of the nicest you could ever hope to meet, coming around asking if anyone needed anything, breaks, change, food etc... very cool. I didn't get a chance to take any of my own photos so I took a couple from my fabulous friend Rachael of Pistachio Press (seen below) who was also at the market:

Vicki Hartman Ceramics:

Second Seed:
Right now, I'm gearing up for tomorrow's Mass Appeal. This is an annual fundraiser for the Elmwood Village Association, several local artists, including me were asked to create "wearable art" for a special section of the show. We were each paired with a local business and given their "scrap" materials to construct a garment from (think Project Runway).

I was paired with Campus Wheelworks a local bike shop. My materials came down to largely a lot of scrap rubber inner tubes. Out of which I have hand sewn a mini skirt and hard core looking belt. I'm getting excited for the event (up until now it's mainly been a stressful experience!). I had the final fitting with my model yesterday and I think she's going to look great. I promise to take photos to share.

Or, if you happen to have $30 come on down and see it in person! Doors open @ 7 and the show starts @8!

Lafayette Ave Presbyterian Church
875 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo, NY 14222

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