Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mass Appeal

Wow, time flies. It feels like Mass Appeal just happened, when in reality it was almost 3 weeks ago! The event was amazing, and I really have to hand it to Erin Habes and all the other organizers- I walked out to watch the show and was absolutely blown away.

As I mentioned before, I participated in this year's Wearable Art portion of the show. I was paired with Campus Wheelworks and asked to create an outfit for a model from whatever the store might have on hand. This is what I came up with (photos by the amazing Lukia Costello):

The skirt, belt and accessories are all hand-stitched rubber inner tubes. The shirt was a discarded old t-shirt that I sized down and made into a fun tank with a sticker applique.

I had a lot of people asking about how the belt was constructed- so I took a few detail shots of it.

I cut off the air valves from the inner tubes and layered them on top of one another and then hand stitched them together. I added an extra piece of tubing behind it to make it a little more durable, cut it down to size, hemmed the ends and added a couple hook and eyes for the closure.

I must admit the process of this event, as a designer was really tough. I'm not accustomed to making things for a runway and so questions about make up and styling were a little hard for me to grasp. That added with the troubles I had locking down a model and supplies from the store made me rather stressed. But, once I stood there on the sidelines watching the models walk the runway- I couldn't wait for next year, and immediately started imagining what I would make.. which I of course won't reveal just yet.....!

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