Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I found (hid) art

A fabulous new project invented by local artist and creator of the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair, Chris Fritton.

I hid art: "home of perpetual DIY treasure hunt"

The premise is simple. Make something, find a place to hide it. Photograph the spot, post it to the website with a few clues and wait to see who finds it. Or, as phrased by the creator himself:

"art should be made, art should be hidden, art should be found. the familiar should be made unique by virtue of its ability to conceal something incongruous. it’s the hiding, the covering, the embedding of an unknown animal in the heart of the ordinary that evokes the possibility of a handsome shift in perspective.

get out there. dig a hole for it. put it under something. tape it to the side of something. leave what is precious in the rain and hope that someone saves what you worked so hard on, what your hands touched, before it disintegrates. give them the directions. help them hold the thing you just held.

i hid art is the brainchild of buffalo, ny native chris fritton."

I just found the above handmade journal on Jersey St. The original post was of a spot I've walked by a million times so I knew I'd find it easily. But that didn't spoil the thrill in the least. I pulled onto that corner of the street, found one open parking spot, almost like it was waiting for me. Crossed to the spot, and there it was a little treasure just waiting for me.

I'm in the game now. I'm going to go hide something out here in Buffalo, so check the site for a post. In the meantime, this isn't just for Buffalo! There are many cities listed, so go see the site, get in the game and get your art out there. Besides, what fun is art making if you're the only one who ever gets to hold it?


Anonymous said...

Interesting idea!

Elizabeth Switzer said...

Hi Amy- Thanks for saying hello!

I just checked your blog and liked your post on non-traditional sew supplies. I can entirely relate and it was nice to know I wasn't the odd girl out on this one. I am now off to read the thread post on manila folders...

I hope you decide to participate in this project- it has a lot of potential, and the more folks that get involved the better!