Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A few things I believe

The last week saw some difficult moments, and it brought my attentions back to the little things that make my days easier. I thought that some of them may resonate with other folks and that I should share them. I hope that it makes you smile. Be well friends, thanks for reading these words.
  1. In the laughter of an old friend
  2. That nothing is as cute as when my cats roll on their backs and wiggle.
  3. In the good karma of a house full of friends
  4. In serious moments undercut with a well timed joke
  5. In a warm breeze when needed the most
  6. In serendipity
  7. In my father's "bus theory"
  8. Irish Whiskey/Coffee are very serious business
  9. In accidental intimacies
  10. That you are what you believe in.
  11. That you don’t choose who you love.
  12. That sex and laughter aren’t enough, but it’s a really good start.
  13. That small children laughing is the cure for melodrama
  14. playing in the puddles during a thunderstorm
  15. That my friends are right, I do make the best breakfasts: banana pancakes, tofu scram and curried pan friend potatoes
  16. cooking is better when its for friends
  17. That digital will never be as good as a traditional black and white print.
  18. That painting will never die.
  19. In wandering aimlessly in good company
  20. In being there for someone when it counts the most
  21. That I am still strong even when everyone else thinks I’m not.
  22. In playing pool even if when you’re bad at it.
  23. In crying it all out
  24. That there is seldom a day so bad that playing the song “brave the night” by the winter machine won’t take away at least some of the pain.
  25. There is nothing in the world so beautiful as the Cliffs of Mohr
  26. In the “you-get-it-too” moments
  27. In the healing powers of The Rolling Stones, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, Ani Difranco and all Live music
  28. In not needing to be drunk to dance
  29. That Joss Whedon is a genius
  30. In mindful conversation
  31. In helping others, politics be damned
  32. That white Christmas lights can make any place feel more cozy
  33. A late night conversation with a good friend
  34. In drawing in the dark, or at the cemetery
  35. That there is nothing wrong with my extreme emotional connection to my Dad’s old guitar, my Great Uncle’s lamp, my Grandmother’s pin, and the one letter my Mom let me have, that my father sent her just before they got married.
  36. In Reconnecting and Rekindling
  37. In learning to do it for yourself.
  38. That culture is not just recreation.
  39. In voting.
  40. That you can tell a lot about a person by their handshake and the way they hug.
  41. in “I can lift it by myself.”
  42. In a well made Tanquery and Tonic
  43. In reflected light
  44. In kissing with your eyes closed
  45. In love that lasts past Saturday night
  46. That people don’t change they just get old.
  47. That its noble to try and save a drowning man, but foolish to let him sink you too.
  48. In giving the benefit of the doubt
  49. In a second chance
  50. Trusting your gut
  51. Telling them you love them
  52. That birthday’s aren’t complete until there is cake.
  53. That you can know someone without having to hear them speak.
  54. That most often people say more with their eyes and gestures than with their words.
  55. That sometimes it’s best just to stop talking.
  56. That men and women aren’t from different planets.
  57. That sometimes not getting what you want is a stroke of luck.
  58. In being silent and letting your heart tell you what’s right.
  59. That nothing is ever that simple.
  60. That TV isn’t really the devil.
  61. In self-reliance
  62. In picking up your feet when you ride over the railroad track, making a wish on the first star and every time the clock reads “11:11”
  63. Seeking the beautiful in everyone
  64. In finding peace in my best-friend's signing voice, the purr of my cats and a hug from someone I love.
  65. In soy chai with a shot of espresso
  66. In nam-myoho-renge-kyo
  67. In rosemount shiraz and green and black's dark chocolate
  68. In tiny rituals
  69. In memoir's by Anais Nin and Paul Auster
  70. In gerber daises, preferably on my table
  71. In music you can feel in your guts
  72. In campfires, in summer or in the winter..
  73. In friends who you can not see or speak to for month's but still pick up with as if not a day had passed
  74. In knowing your family
  75. And in loving them anyway.


susan heggestad said...

Beautiful list, sweets! Hope your week is going better now. But one thing you're wrong about: TV really IS the devil. If my boys sit down in front of a turned on television, it sucks them in, just like in Poltergeist!

John said...

That list blew me away, sweetie! Love, Dad

Elizabeth Switzer said...

Thanks guys! Glad you enjoyed it, I find its helpful to hold on to the positive as much as possible.

As for TV, everything in moderation! Some TV is actually very smart and can be educational. But for teenage(ish) boys... well maybe not so much!! <3