Sunday, October 18, 2009

Starting to Settle

It's taken some time but I'm finally getting settled in my new place. The cats really seem to love it, and have spent much time in the large living room windows surveying the new terrain. My landlord told me that MacKenzie would squeak (those who know her also know that she does not meow, she squeaks) at him when he was getting into his car in the morning. Such a little weirdo she is.

I just finished painting the living room two nights ago and am almost finished setting everything up. I think I need more art for my walls though! Now that they are a much lighter color the room seems so big and open. I'll have to get busy working on some new trades. The best part of being an artist is the trading with your friends!

The housewarming is next Saturday, I'll be sure to post more pictures then.

Stay warm friends!

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