Saturday, July 25, 2009

The calm before the storm

I have come to the end of my trip to South Dakota and am feeling sentimental about it already. In some ways it feels like I've only just got here and in others I can hardly remember being anywhere else.

I suppose that's what happens when you arrive somewhere and set straight to work. I flew in the night of the 9th. My plane got into Omaha, NE at about midnight, central time and Susan and her boys were there to pick me up and drive the 2 hours back to Vermillion, SD. Needless to say we were all very tired. The next day we headed down to the Vermillion Area Arts Council (VAAC) to start organizing for the children's art camp that was set to start the following Monday. There was much cleaning and setting up to do- plus we had to screen print all of the t-shirts for the kids.

At home Susan has 2 boys of her own, Kenyan and Kaleb who have grown very tall since last I saw them! Her husband, Mark, has three girls, Drew, Dylan and Dawson. Drew is away at college so I've yet to meet her. There are also 2 dogs, Gus and Pup. Life here at the Hegdablu home is just as I expected, crazy but kind.

As I write this camp has already finished and I just mailed back a couple boxes of treasures back to Sodus where I'll be staying for a few days after I fly back tomorrow. I'll post more about my adventures in Vermillion then. For now I'm going to linger over my last moments and try to soak in the last minutes of vacation.

Until soon.

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