Sunday, August 3, 2008

here comes the sun..

Like so many others i've been waiting for a sunny day to take photos of my new pieces. I've loved the rain we've been getting, but the cloudy skies don't make for good photos.

This isn't terribly new but I did finally get some photos. I turned my tea stain drawings into tea stained cards with some success. People seem to like them and they aren't hard to make which is always nice. I recently inherited a royal academy typewriter that I want to use to add text to these pieces. Trouble is I haven't been able to find a ribbon for it! I'm still looking but am a bit discouraged. I've wanted a typewriter for years now.

This is my purl bee rabbit, I'm making it for my favorite little girl Marta. It's not finished yet- I rarely make such small things so it's taken some fussing. Marta really loves ducks so I'd like to make her a duck doll too but one thing at a time. Her favorite color is pink so the dress is too. A doll for a doll...

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joAnn said...

that photo of quilts on a laundry line... just dreamy.
I love you new cards and i think that a little typewritten text would finish them perfectly. talk to karen about typewriter ribbon. she likes these people: