Saturday, April 24, 2010

Indiscreet Objects: Opening Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the opening for my new exhibition: Indiscreet Objects at the Olean Public Library Gallery located at 134 North 2nd Street in Olean, NY! The event runs from 3-5 pm and includes a screening on the work of Kiki Smith at 4pm.

I will post images of the completed exhibition soon. The above were taken during installation by the amazing Robert Taylor - who has been working for the gallery for years. My camera decided it doesn't want to turn on anymore (!!!) so until I figure out what's wrong I will be borrowing a friend's camera. Images soon.

I STRONGLY encourage any local artist to consider submitting work to the gallery- my experience with them has been nothing short of incredible. Everyone there is truly supportive and really believes in the role artist's play in society and its a wonderful feeling. Every artist deserves to feel supported in life- and this is one place the gives that feeling in spades.

Enjoy your weekend and the spring sunshine and flowers. I'll post again soon, promise.


John said...

Go Lizz! We're proud of you and your work!

'odd and old' Linda Dacey said...

Poetic with beautiful linework; hope it went well for you...