Thursday, February 11, 2010


I landed in Chicago yesterday morning. I came in for the annual College Art Association (CAA) Conference. Most folks come to give presentations or to interview for jobs, I came just to see what it was like and I can already say that the idea of interviewing at this thing is daunting at best. It is a sea of black trench coats (yes, that includes me) and everyone seems to know exactly where they are going but me, which is of course absurd, since I can't possibly be alone in that. I suppose that's the general sensation one would get when they come alone to something like this.

I only made it to 2 panels today, last night I stayed up too late catching up with two of my favorite old friends, Luke and Kirby. Tomorrow is my last day here and I leave early Saturday morning- not even close to enough time. There are a handful of presentations I want to see as well as the Book and Trade Fair, and then there's supposed to be some openings happening. I guess we'll see.

I can already say that when I come to this event next year (here's hoping) I'll plan to come earlier, stay longer and better prepare myself since there were several events I would've liked to attend that sold out or filled up before I got here. Ah well, it's all an experience. And right now I've decided to be proud of myself for figuring out what I have all on my own!

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