Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Much has happened this last month. School ended -- and so did my regular paychecks! I took a trip to NYC for the NYFA Mark Conference which was incredible, and will get its own post soon. I've been making new pillows, working on some new embroidered pieces AND new cards- which are on sale at Rustbelt Books on Allen St in Buffalo!

I taught the Burchfield Penney Workshop and am busy with design work for my Dad's company: Miller's Basin Associates. You gotta love dinner with Dad being a tax write off! And oh yes,

Tomorrow is my 30th birthday! My mom is coming up to take me to see Up (again!) at the 3D theater, then pedicures and lunch with friends. That night I will spend making more new pillows! Yes!

Friday my Dad and Gram are coming for more eating out and fun.

And Saturday my dear friend Marla is making me cake and then a bunch of us are going out for drinks.

Yes, Sunday will be all about sleeping.

So. Until soon friends. Until soon....

What I am loving today : recycled business cards

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