Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hello friends.

It seems like everyone has a craft blog these days, so why not me too? I will be posting here about projects I'm working on and upcoming events where you can purchase my funky little knitted goods.

Eventually I will set up an online etsy store too- but you know, baby steps.

Photos coming soon..


second storie said...

welcome to craftwonderland! did you know i have a blog? shannamurray.typepad.com
see you tomorrow night!

mac-bunny said...

hi darling,
your crafts are crudely beautiful; or beautifully crude... you know what i mean! they're lovely. and remind me to tell you later about why i love blogs so much... for real! : )

knitting lessons - when shall we start?
lets talk soon outside of cyberworld. much luck with the move and sorry i won't be around for the fun tonight. i will be in rochester possibly next week - will let you know.

[.L.] said...

we are so on for knitting lessons girlie- i'd love to bring someone else over. come on out to sodus and we'll knit fire side! xo